Simplicity Coaching Packages
with Jonathan Stewart

Tired of "fighting fires", and ready to being "organised enough" to fit the way you work?


Complete your purchase fill out the onboarding form and book in a time block on my schedule.

We'll meet for an hour, and we'll work through any of the productivity/organisational issues that holding you back.

Prepare for the session by having any relevant documents, designs or pages ready on your screen so you can share your screen with me if need be.

A audio replay with transcript will be provided within 15/20mins after your session ends with a follow up within 24hrs.

Feel free to DM me before booking to see if this session is a good fit for you. There are no refunds.

I am located in the UK. If you are located on the other side of the world (or continent) and can't find a time for our schedules to match up, feel free to message me so that I can look into opening up an early or late slot on my calendar just for you!


You can either book a single session, or multiples! If you're looking to book in multiple sessions, it'll also come with Voxer/Facebook messenger access in between! So you can send me voice/text messages in between our sessions together.

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    Single Session (£100.00)£100.00
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    3hrs Coaching Package with Voxer Access (£300.00)£300.00
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    6hr Package with 2 Months Voxer Access (£600.00)£600.00

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Hi, I'm Jonathan

Hi I'm Jonathan & I help busy brained business owners – like you — design the systems and support your need to build a business that’s a joy to run, and actually works for you!

Everyone talks about: "building a business that fits you", but few people help you to achieve that. With me you get the benefit of a multi-passionate coach, who supports you to achieve what you need, with the things you have. 

I help you to bring out the best in you, building systems, and an environment that provides the potential for action, all you just gotta do is push the door open and when it's built right, it feels intuitive, effortless, and you can be the most awesome you that exists!

Simplicity Specialist

What's it Like Working With Me...

Wanna know what it feels like "working with me"...

Here we go:

Message 1: “Hahaha – it is perfect for right now. I didn't need to suddenly sign up for notion. I just needed whatever was perfect enough to get my tasks done today – because they're just tasks!” Omg have I evolved?!

 Message 2: Oh wait I haven't evolved. I've just accepted my brain and myself.

Lisa Wechtenhiser

If you ever need a different way of looking at your business, a whiz at tech who helps you find just the right combo for you, and someone who really wants you to succeed, Jonathan is your person.

Illana Burk

Jonathan has a profound effect on everyone he works with, myself included.