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ChatGPT Prompt Playground Subscription$9

Each "virtual box" includes:

Prompts with detailed instructions: A document that includes the prompt, a "fill-in-the-blank template" AND examples on the results you can get, and ideas on how to iterate on it! 

Guided Video Example: Learn how I personally use and customise the prompt, and learn how to really get the best outta ChatGPT, as well as avoid the common pitfalls that I faced in the early days of using it! (Remember: the software is still in beta!) 

Cool Tips & Tricks: Each time I find or learn about cool ChatGPT things... I'll send it your way first 

  • What's a Virtual Box?
    Y'know those monthly subscriptions where you get cool stuff each month, and you're guaranteed at least a couple of cool things that you'll enjoy...

    Well... imagine that but it's virtual and contains a ChatGPT prompt that arrives in your inbox, and provides you with detailed instructions on how to use it (and how to set it up)
  • How many prompts will I get each month?
    Currently, it's one prompt a month. This allows me the time to really go deep into testing the prompt, and playing with different ideas and seeing what's possible with the prompt.
  • What if I'm new to ChatGPT?
    I walk you through the entire process from start to finish, I've also got a full glossary which explains the concepts, and describes wtf it does in english. (no ChatGPT summaries provided!)
  • Can't I learn everything for free?
    Yup... the prompt I use are based on what I've learned. As I figure out how to use it myself for my own needs. The difference between free offers and this one is I'm breaking it down, how I'm doing it as well as WHY I'm doing it.

    It's all completely written by me (no ChatGPT summaries needed!) and doesn't hold back on context and nuance. You'd think that others would do that... but sadly not.
  • What's your refund policy?
    Due to the completely digital nature of the box (and the cost) there are no refunds for subscriptions. You are able to cancel at ANY time with the link at the bottom of all the emails. But no refunds are granted.

    If you're not sure this is for you – please don't buy on a whim! :)
  • I've got another question...
    Shoot me an email jonathan@simplicity-specialist.com and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

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