Task Taming For Busy Brains
Learn exactly how to get things done, even if it feels frustrating, boring or overwhelming in three easy steps. Take back control of your business (instead of it controlling you!)

Task Taming For Busy Brains$97

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Things I Covered

  • How to figure out all there is to know about tasks, and projects, and how to prioritise them in a way that suits your brain! 

  • How to get frustrating boring, or draining tasks done and dusted so it doesn't feel so overwhelming

  • How to manage tasks when the project hits roadbumps, or things have to be redone multiple times and motivation is waining!

  • How to treat rest time and play time as tasks so they get prioritised too 

  • How to deal with overwhelm if it does kick in and what to do next 

  • How to manage rabbit holes that sometime distract your attention away from what you're "meant" to be doing! 

  • How to actually work less hours and still get stuff done!

  • Neurodiverse friendly tips for those who work that little bit different! (I specifically touch on ADHD, Autism and Depression/Anxiety).

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    If you don't learn anything - just shoot me a message within 7 days, and I'll give you a free refund! (No questions asked!)
  • Who exactly made this?
    That would be me!
    Hey I'm Jonathan!
    I'm a neurodivergent entrepreneur, out-of-the-box business coach and simplicity specialist dedicated to helping small business owners build a business that works for them — helping them break free of cookie cutter business advice and find joy in their business.
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